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Treat yourself and your loved ones to great-tasting drinking water free of viruses, hormones, pharmaceutical residues and chemicals. Children and infants in particular are susceptible to hazardous substances found in drinking water due to their still growing immune systems. With the Membratech® A-Series you are on the safe side!

No more hauling water boxes

With the Membratech® A-Series, tedious crate lugging is a thing of the past. Use freed-up storage space again according to your ideas.

High cost savings

With the Membratech® A-Series, you can enjoy pure drinking water of spring water quality for approx. 5 cents/liter thanks to its high cost-effectiveness.

Enjoy the variety

Prepare food and beverages with pure Membratech® A-Series drinking water. Pure water is proven to noticeably improve the taste of your food and beverages.


Cost savings
Pure drinking water