The performance and progressiveness of the Membratech® A-Series is evidenced by the numerous certifications we have accumulated over time. As we always want to offer our customers the highest level of quality and innovation in order to maintain our unique selling proposition, we have had the Membratech® A-series continuously tested by independent institutions and testing facilities, in the context of which the progressiveness of our miniature waterworks has been repeatedly confirmed.

Many tests focus on the environmentally conscious technology, the general safety of the systems and the quality of the filtered water. The high energy efficiency of the Membratech® A-Series and the associated conservation of resources were also found to be outstanding. The Membratech® A-Series is the only compact water treatment unit in the world that can be used efficiently even in crisis regions to give people access to clean drinking water. We have listed some of the certifications for you here.

NSF Logo

NSF und ANSI Certification

The Membratech® A-Series meets the high standards of NSF and ANSI (American National Standards Institute). This illustrates the importance we place on the safety of our systems. The Membratech® A-Series meets the following standards:

NSF/ANSI Standard 51

NSF 51 applies specifically to manufacturing materials that come into contact with solid or liquid foods. It is one of the most important standards in the rubber industry because of its public safety and sanitation standards that apply to materials and coatings used in piping, gaskets, seals, valves and more. NSF 51 certification has strict criteria and rigorous testing requirements for food processing materials.

NSF/ANSI Standard 61

NSF / ANSI Standard 61 (NSF-61) is a set of national standards related to water treatment that establishes stringent requirements for the control of equipment that comes into contact with either drinking water or products that support drinking water production. The standard confirms that our systems are made of safe materials and therefore do not release contaminants into the water.

NSF/ANSI Standard 169

This standard establishes minimum requirements for the protection and hygiene of food with respect to materials, design, manufacture, construction and performance of equipment and utensils for handling and processing food for special purposes not fully covered by other individual standards.

Water Quality Siegel Gold

WQA Certification

The Water Quality Association is one of the most important institutions when it comes to evaluating systems for purifying drinking water. It evaluates the hygienic performance of water treatment systems according to the strictest criteria and only awards its highest distinction to systems that guarantee optimum water treatment at all times, i.e. are impeccably clean and safe. In a series of tests, the Membratech® A-Series had to prove itself in the laboratory and in the end was able to obtain perhaps the most important seal that exists in the field of water treatment: The WQA Gold Seal.


WRAS Certification

This important institution is responsible for monitoring the legal standards for the water industry in England. Through continuous testing, it ensures that water treatment plants meet all requirements for water safety. The Membratech® A-Series has been tested by WRAS and meets the high requirements for this certification in every respect.

fda logo

FDA Certification

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is the regulatory food and drug administration of the United States and as such reports to the Department of Health and Human Services. Components in the Membratech® A-Series have been tested by the FDA and meet their high standards.

GS Zeichen Logo Gepruefte Sicherheit McPKST *** GS Mark Logo Tested Safety McPKST McPKST

GS Certification

Since 1977, the GS mark has been the only mark in Europe for the voluntary application of legally regulated product safety. A GS seal certifies that a ready-to-use product meets the requirements of the Product Safety Act (ProdSG).


CE Certification

The CE marking indicates that the product to which it is affixed meets the requirements of all EC Directives applicable to that product. It serves initially as an “EU passport” for this product. The CE mark (CE stands for “Communautés Européenes” and means “European Communities”) is a mark of the European Union. It is a primary indicator of a product’s conformity with applicable EU legal requirements.


TIFQ Certification

TIFQ – Institute for Hygienic Quality of Food Equipment – ist ein unabhängiges drittes Gremium zur Überprüfung der Umsetzung von Gesetzen und zur Hygienic Qualification von Technologien und Produktionsprozessen. Die Zertifizierungstätigkeit betrifft alle Unternehmen der Branche Lebensmittelausrüstung. TIFQ bezieht sich auf Unternehmen, die in der Herstellung von Komponenten, Ausrüstungen, Maschinen und Systemen für die Verarbeitung und Umwandlung von Lebensmitteln sowie für den Kontakt mit Trinkwasser tätig sind.

Synlab Logo

Synlab Laboratory analysis

SYNLAB is a provider of human and veterinary laboratory services as well as environmental analysis, which was formed in 2015 from the merger of the two laboratory service providers Labco and Synlab. Synlab tested the filter performance of the Membratech® A-Series several times and confirmed its outstanding effectiveness.

TWADBoard Logo

TWAD Board Laboratory analysis India

The Tamil Nadu Water Supply and Drainage Board (TWAD Board) is a statutory body established on 14.04.1971 by the TWAD Board Act (1970). The TWAD Board is charged with the development of water supply and drainage facilities in the state of Tamil Nadu. The TWAD Board put the Membratech® A-Series through its paces and confirmed its outstanding performance even in a crisis region in India with unsafe drinking water.